Gibbous moon is the representation of what could be an uninhabitable place, of which we only know that which is revealed by the technology developed to study celestial phenomena. This type of image which we are used to seeing virtually, has been cut into the surface of a piece of black paper using a laser cutter. In this way, during this project´s creative process, the technological means designed for scientific, industrial, and artistic purposes take their place; between the phenomena that have created the lunar landscape and the chemical exchanges that occur when the beam of infrared light burns away the surface of the support, based on numerical information that regulates its intensity and position. This is how the metaphor comes about; when a reality that is only shown to us through technological means is materialised by a machine that alters an organic support which is susceptible to being degraded.

That is why and eroded and sedimented territory, which could be found a million light years away, is represented by the soot from the paper that has been burnt by a set energy. Such a residue presents itself as fragile, dark, velvety and ephemeral like matter itself, in constant transformation. On the other hand, the surface of the black paper makes reference to the limits of our visual perception, as it is the machine (as is the case with telescopes) that is in charge of revealing before our eyes the image found inside an indeterminate space; deep and mysterious. In this symbolic yet palpable way, we can feel like we are getting closer to uninhabitable places; it is human nature to find correlations in our surroundings from all areas of knowledge and at any scale in the universe.